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Blogging Adventures
by Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

I have become a “blogger.” I can’t imagine why because I can’t stand the terminology, but my daughter set me up, and now I’m sending total strangers little bits and pieces of myself.

I prefer the term “journaling,” as it seems to coincide with the type of post I put out every day or so. I’m using it as a stress release, a time to brag on the grandchildren and a forum for my opinions (the only correct ones out there, you know).

I have noticed one oddity. There are very few fifty-plus journalers … uh … journalists … uh … okay … bloggers! Most of the people I run into are twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings -- who are sweet, but way out of my realm of interests. I did a search of the site I use for anyone between the ages of fifty and sixty. Eight names came up, and one of them was mine. I checked out several of the others carefully by reading their bios and a few of their posts. Uh-huh, what a trip!

The first one had several of the same interests as I listed in my bio . . . grandchildren, reading, cooking, gardening, scrabble -- the usual interests of people our age. I got excited thinking this woman could end up being a great electronic pen pal. Her screen name included the word “craft,” as did her bio, which led me to believe she was the scrapbooking type until I read one of her posts. The word “craft,” it seems, also means witchcraft. Well, duh. Farthest thing from my little Southern mind.

I moved on to the next one on the list. This was a man who, according to the picture icon he used, had a gray beard down to his waist, sort of a ZZ Top look. I pressed on. After all, you can’t judge a book by its cover, now can you? His interests also included many of mine with the addition of Harley Davidsons and muscle cars. That didn’t stop me. My brother had a couple of Harleys, a GTO is nothing to sneer at, and lots of baby-boomers are gray. I clicked on his most recent post. Low and behold, there was one with almost life-sized pictures of the man in all his glory. Tattooed from head to toe.

I moved right on.

Next up was a “poster” with a very benign screen name. The picture icon was fuzzy, but I could tell it was a man. That didn’t exactly jive with his screen name, but, hey, I was on a quest. And he was from overseas . . . too far away for a visit. He had listed every interest of mine and then some. I quickly clicked on a post. Oops. Well, I could apply for a credit card with a limit of up to 2500 pounds. The picture of this gentleman sipping something from a plastic cup and the words of a love song scrolling beneath let me know quite enough, thank you.

The last one I checked was someone with an icon of a musical instrument. Hmmm, maybe. I clicked on the bio icon and found out that this matey was from overseas also, but his girlfriend lived in the U.S. Now, at our age, the terms “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” seem incongruous, to say the least. I forced myself to check out the posts. He had a webcam. You heard me. A w.e.b.c.a.m. Need I say more?

The rest of the list included people who had not posted in over three months. I don’t blame them. There’s no one out there to respond to posts about incontinence, G.E.R.D., failing eyesight, and arthritis.

Perhaps I could interest you in signing up?


Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson grew up in the Mississippi Delta, but now calls North Carolina home. She’s an English teacher (one of THOSE), and she loves to share her stories.

Write Lonnye Sue at Deltamiss2002

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