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TWO POEMS by Danny Barbare

Replacing a Light

I loosen the glass shade.
I use a knife.
The glass shade slips and falls.
I catch it. But
I jab my hand with the knife.
In an instant,
I wait for my blood to swell,
where there is pain.
Many memories trickle
from my elbows and knees.
The house has lived,
red with life and flowing childhood.
Now the blood of chores
that flows through my veins.


The Maple Tree

Today, I'm raking the leaves
beneath the yellow maple tree--
It's putting on quite a show,
so I don't mind the extra work
as they fall and fall, besides
I'd be in the house sleeping or


Bio: Danny P. Barbare has been published in Dew on the Kudzu, USADeepSouth, and Muscadines, A Southern Magazine.
He has also published work in The Santa Barbara Review, Sojourn, Art Times, Stray Light, and many other magazines and journals.
Write him at barbaredaniel@yahoo.com.

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