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Avis Corley Porter: Mississippi Poems


I'm from Mississippi and I want to make it clear,
It's number one in my heart and the state I hold dear.

From "Ole Man River" it gets its name,
One of the longest rivers in the world is part of its fame.

The eagle with wings outspread is our state seal,
When we behold it, a great sense of pride we feel.

Four other states share the mockingbird,
At night it sings the sweetest you've ever heard.

To our beautiful flag no harm we would ever do,
We will always be true to the red, white and blue.

Why not come and visit our Magnolia State,
For our Southern Hospitality, you no longer have to wait!

See Mississippi

To Mississippi come along with me,
This vacation spot is the place to be.

Through the pages of history you can walk,
Of our rich heritage you'll hear talk.

There are lovely antebellum homes in our state,
The mansions were built before the Civil War date.

Take a relaxing cruise on an old steamboat,
The home of Jefferson Davis, another place to take note.

In the national parks, walk among the trees,
Enjoy the scenery, feel the gentle breeze.

Hunting, fishing, boating, we have it all,
Come to Mississippi, you'll have a ball!

For delicious food that will melt in your mouth,
There's no better place to find it, than here in the South.

We'd love to share our Magnolia State,
Vacation in Mississippi, you'll think it's great.

    Avis Corley Porter is a proud Mississippian, as evidenced by her poems.
    Raised in the Delta, she now lives in Thaxton, Mississippi.
    We welcome Avis to the pages of USADEEPSOUTH.

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