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Pa and the Coyote
by Annie Taylor

Our coyote problem here is just terrible. Why, just the other morning right after I had poured myself a cup of coffee I seen one of them varmints carousing right near the chicken house. I knew that critter was headed for the chickens. I swallowed my mouthful of coffee that I was savoring so religiously, dropped my morning Ding-Dong, wheeled and run to the bed where Pa laid, mouth open wide and sucking air violently (reminded me of a wind tunnel).

Anyway, I yelled that we had a coyote headed fer the chicken house. He comes up out of that bed like he was a fighting a swarm of yeller-jackets. I run to take my position at the back door a watching for that mangy varmint. I could hear Pa rustling around in the background. Finally he stormed into the kitchen like a wild man and come to a sliding halt up to the back door carrying his camouflage .22 magnum. He was all hunkered down like he was a seeking Saddam Husein himself.

Now I know that Pa is as good a shot that there is in these here parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas, but I do have a bit of concern when he's wanting to run out the back door and shoot at varmints when he's naked as all get-out, nothing on but his boots and hat.

Just before he exposed himself by running out the back door before God and all, I screamed at him that he wasn't sportín any clothes. He looked down suddenly at his nakedness, then looked back at me like it was all my fault that he was bare naked. He wheeled and ran back to the bedroom.

Now I don't have a bit of problems with him running around naked if thatís what he takes a mind to do, cause it does get mighty hot in this part of Oklahoma and Arkansas. I was just trying to spare the neighbors down the road apiece from this gaudy sight in case they happen to be out this early of a morning.

Lord a mercy, after 20 years of being married to that man one could almost expect anything. He didn't get the coyote that morning or the next, but at least he was wearing clothes as he sat out by the pasture fence with his camouflage .22 magnum.


Annie Taylor tells us about herself:
"Writing as Granny and her Jug, I pen humorous but true stories about the way of life in the hills of Oklahoma/Arkansas. These stories are centered around Pa (aka Jug). Pa is the life of these mountain stories, and I (Granny) am the author. My stories have been read mostly by friends and family. They encourage me to keep writing these hilarious truths about Pa's adventures and our down-to-earth way of living."

Write Annie Taylor at muskiedine@yahoo.com.


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